Story About Yesterday…

Yesterday, Imani Prima which represents ORBCOMM company (US Telecommunication Company) had a meeting with the BOARD of KOMATSU Ltd and United Tractor and also China’s and Japanese representative of ORBCOMM.. Most of them are Japanese people… Bang Takwa and Me are the representative of Imani Prima.

It was pleasure that I could attend this meeting. To be honest if I don’t join with Imani Prima, maybe in my thinking I just can only sit in front of PC and doing coding.. as the programmers do their job.. Thanks to Bang Takwa that I can join that meeting… Hopefully this becomes the first step to me become more professional as person.. By God’s Blessing… I hope I can be a better and successful person one day…!!!

Oya, yesterday I got a call from Futjitsu company… I remembered I have even sent the application letter to that company as .NET programmer. I didn’t answer that call coz I was in the meeting at that time… After that suddenly I got sms from my brother, he said that I got call from Fujitsu that I should attend for interview tomorrow, 23 August 2007 at 02.00 pm. Do you know??!! What I make surprised that they called me to my house in BALI… My brother said like that… I don’t know I should take this chance or not… But Bang Takwa said… that just come to that company… Doing test or interview are the learning process of us… I am still young and single so we can challenge our life in order to find the better result of our life… Maybe I will come tomorrow and see next..


~ by gedemahendra on August 22, 2007.

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