Thesis Revision

Finally thesis revision has been finished. Actually I should start the revision right after defense… but as usual… lazy bok…!! Hehehe not lazy actually… there were many things to do including finding jobs… searching, interview, test, etc. So it made me quite busy. There isn’t many things to revise the only the format of paging… The first time I thought it is quite difficult to revise especially if we follow the step for paging.. it is complicated… Then I ask Azmi, my friends … He gave me two options of solutions… (1). Based on The Result, (2) Based on The Solution… Based on the result means we don’t care the way we create the things as long as the result is the same with what we wish.. otherwise if we do based on the solution we will follow the right way to get the result that we wish… I follow the first solutions… because it will be done fast and the result is the same.

The next step is printing and hard cover… I still confuse coz I am in Jakarta right now, Hopefully the hard cover especially can be finished before Monday or at most Monday.

Today as usual I stay night in the Office coz going back to Cikarang will spend money and time… But staying in Office is very nice coz I can access internet 24 hours, watching television (cable vision), many canteens near office to eat… very strategic place… Hehehe… Ok then.. c u later….


~ by gedemahendra on August 22, 2007.

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