Most of Indonesian people maybe think that the word “thesis” is used for the people that want to reach their master degree… But that is wrong…

Thesis, according to Oxford dictionary is a long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written as part of university degree.

University degree means all kind of degree that can we reach in the university. So the word thesis can be used for all degree of university students (bachelor til doctor).

On February 2007, I started to think of my thesis coz that is the requirement to be graduated from university. Like my friends, I also confused to find the topic to be used as the thesis… But fortunately then Mr. Rila Mandala, Dean of President University who is also my advisor gave me the topic that to be honest, I really blank at all about that. It was about “File Compression”. He asked me to compare 2 compression methods that represent Statistical Method and Dictionary Method of Data Compression; which are Huffman Algorithm and LZW Algorithm. Then my thesis is titled “The Comparison of Huffman Method and LZW Method for File Compression”.

During the work of thesis, there were many problems… starting about the understanding the methods, how to create the programs, what programming language to be used, etc. But by time goes on, I can finish it well. Monday, 13 August 2007 was the day that I did my defense for the thesis. I become the first student to defense the thesis at that day… Thanks God.. I could do it well… and now I am going to graduate as Bachelor of Computer… Very nice… finally After 18 years focus on studying I can finish it all…. Even maybe one day I must study again in order to get the master degree or even the doctoral degree.. But right now I just focus on what I face today which is working. I hope I can learn from the company and improve my skill and interpersonal skills… Wish me the best lah…!!


~ by gedemahendra on August 22, 2007.

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