Dufan Story

Finally I can start talk about my Holiday to Dufan…!! Actually I went there last week with Ajeng.. I promised to take her out if I got my first Salary…!! We met in Blok M Terminal.. because I came from my Office and she came from Cikarang… Then using Busway we went to Ancol.. Before arriving to Ancol we got wrong busway… hahaha… Fortunately I realized it.. that happened when we tried to take the bus to Matraman.. but I didn’t know that the bus for other directions also had terminal there… I also suprised that the Ancol terminal for the busway is very near with DUFAN which is our destination to go…

Oya.. after arriving in Dufan… I wanted to buy the tickets.. but the discount paper was only one… I needed to find the photocopy place… but after I asked the security guard.. the place is very far from the ticket counter… Fiuh… I thought I should go to find it coz one discount paper can reduce til 50 %… But when I tried to find the OJEK… suddenly the cleaning Service there offered me that paper… but he asked 10 thousand for it… of course I refused it.. then I bargain 5000 only… he finally agreed… But coz he couldn’t give that paper directly.. so we did the transaction like selling the drug… hahaha… very funny… he just putted flower pot.. then he signed me to take it.. then like giving drugs.. I came to him and directly gave him the money.. no seeing no talking.. hahahaha… quite fun…!!!

¤CoVeR PeöPL3¤254

waiting for the ticket queueing…

¤CoVeR PeöPL3¤255 ¤CoVeR PeöPL3¤256

Waiting for the gate opened… Foto2 dulu…

The first destination is Food Court.. hahaha… Ajeng said.. she was very hungry.. so then we looked for the Mc Donals.. but when we got there… Mc Donals not opened yet… so while waiting we went to… ah I forgot the name… like star war.. so we sat in the chair.. so we followed the movie that was given.. very cool man…!!!

After Eating we continued to play the Roll Coster… but Ajeng said, she afraid… finally only me that played it.. then going to hm… arg… forget the name… but quite nice “wahana”… After that continued to “Arung Jeram” hehehe… that wahana was not touched when the first time we came there because at that time the people that came there … so so.. crowded… Maybe because of Fasting Day… the animo to come to Dufan.. decrease..!!!

P8270082 P8270085

P8270084 P8270086

Ajeng became so wet… hahaha… she sat in the wrong place.. so the water always came to her.. hahaha.. so funny…!! Very intersting…

Next destination is Kora-Kora… actually this was Ajeng’s choice… but do you know when we played that… she just closed her eyes and hold my hand so tight… hehehe… she was very affraid at that time… she screamed so laud… I thought people behind us.. smile to her… But that’s was very cool… Quite nice to test the andrenalin…!! hehehe…

Then next destination was TORNADO.. the newest wahana in DUFAN… Maybe because of Kora-kora than she totally didn’t want to play that game… Tornado definitely fired my undrenallin up..!!! GREAT…!!!


I was in the fifth from left…

Then continue to “Istana Boneka”… i saw she was so tired… so I just asked her to walking around in that wahana… Actually we just sat than see the toys culture from around the world.. we had the picture also for that…

P8270091 P8270097


Than the last wahana was Komedi Putar.. hehehe…

¤CoVeR PeöPL3¤276 ¤CoVeR PeöPL3¤277

Oya before that Ajeng got her temporary tatto… hehehe… very nice coz the painter directly paint without any example.. He had been already expert…

¤CoVeR PeöPL3¤270

That’s all our journey in DUFAN… it was very interesting coz I did together with her…!! Thank you ya Jeng…!! Thank you for the interesting time spent together..!!! I enjoy it so much.. wish u too…!!!

Wish our relationship is getting well.. and always better time by time..!!


~ by gedemahendra on October 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dufan Story”

  1. Dunia memang serasa milik berdua…(yang lainnya ngontrak) 😀

  2. Mo ngontrak berapa pay.. tinggal pasang harga aja.. hehehe

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