I Got My Certificate..

Finally I got my certificate for bachelor degree… Yesterday I took it in my campus.. But before, I need to submit the CD that consists of Thesis Report, Source Code and Executable Files. There are 3 certificates.. first is one is GPA Transkript, then Certificate in Indonesia (S.Kom) and then Certificate in English (B.Sc).

After I checked my transcript… I did upset coz actually I could get Cum Laude Price.. if I got A for my Thesis… Unfortunatelly, I couldn’t maximize my Thesis.. so just got B.. and no one from IT Major got Cum Laude Price…!! I Definitely upset with my Self..!! Yeah.. “upset” always come behind.. So don’t be like me… I did my best for 3.5 years.. but I totally ignored the last semester which was the most crucial of my Study…!! so now I get the effect of it…!! Hm… what can I say..??!! Everything have happened.. and can not be turned back…!! Now I just see my future.. and try not to do the same silly things…!!!


~ by gedemahendra on October 11, 2007.

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